The BiLLe Celeb Challenge

Vote Robin Williams For Lolita!

There is a reason that the last three winners of the BiLLe Celeb Challenge have been marine mammal advocates beating out the Humane Society for first place. People are becoming more aware and telling themselves “this isn’t right.” when they see a whale listlessly logging at the top of the water in a tank. Do yourself and the captive whales and dolphins a favor and get educated on the matter. Numbers win. India, as a fine example, got enough people contacting them in uproar over their plans to increase their dolphin exhibits in the country and because of it they have all together banned the keeping of dolphins in captivity. This is a huge and magnificent step forward to a captivity free world for these free-roaming individuals. Check out Tim Zimmermann’s informative blog on the effects of captivity on whales, watch videos on youtube, and keep an eye on the news.

Not only are whales forced to be in such short proximity of non-relatives, but the stress of their captivity dominates their every day lives. Not even a wild, free roaming killer whale pod just swims all day. They play, socialize, and live. This is not, unfortunately, how captive whales spend their time. Yes, some do interact with each other, but they are not family and their situation has a lot to do with their behavior. As calves we will see sometimes them playing with balls, birds, or kids at the glass, but as they grow older it’s like they realize that “this is all it is?” and they become the bored creatures you see most often. Do your part and vote for Robin Williams today and every day until this round ends. We only have 4 days left, but we are well in the lead only proving the dedication and understanding that people are coming to more and more every day.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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