The Truth About Kshamenk


I made this blog because I want to set things straight. I want people who read this blog to be aware of the truth no matter how small or insignificant that has to do with how whales are being treated in captivity.

There is a popular rumor that has been going around for years about Kshamenk’s care at Mundo Marino, you have probably heard it and was moved by this rumor to act. It was believed that Kshamenk was kept in an extremely tiny side pool for most of his day with the exception of when he is performing making his condition thought to be worse than even Lolita’s.

The Wild Earth Foundation visited Mundo Marino in 2013 to assess his health  and living situation after giving suggestions from a 2006 assessment. Here is the  pdf if you want to read in full. The report addresses the park’s attempts at  meeting the standards expected from them by public opinion despite the fact  that they have no obligation to do so (legally). Here is the list of updates the park  has made starting with the main concern:

  • Although it has been suggested that Kshamenk and Floppy are kept
    permanently in the satellite pool, they are only held there occasionally,
    spending most of their time in the main pool.
  • The chiller capacity and backup systems have been improved, ensuring the
    right temperature in all the pools at all times, even during the summer months.
  • A shading structure was built
  • The water filter system has been replaced, improving the quality of the water
  • The old sound system was recently changed by a brand new one, which is
    directional, reducing the disturbance on the animals.


I wanted to point out the fact that Kshamenk does not stay in the tiny side pool as was previously believed and hasn’t for, as you can see, years. I don’t know if he was being forced to previous to the assessment, but he is not now. It is good, great rather, to see Mundo Marino cooperating with public expectancy, but there is still more that we would like to see from them. We still want Kshamenk rehabilitated or at least kept in a sea pen or at the very least in a much better, much bigger pool. I know, we want all orcas in a sea pen, that’s what we want and that’s what we will always want, but in some cases this is not realistic. We will keep pushing for Kshamenk’s release from this sad situation, but if they are adamant about not giving him this and willing to build a bigger pool then we can not oppose it. I wish for something to change for Kshamenk even if it means a bigger pool and no freedom, just change for the better.

Please, please seek out information and not just read one article. Do internet searches to further understand situations and always understand that, despite being self assured, not everyone realizes they are wrong when doing a report. This could have been on purpose by the organization to draw attention to Kshamenk’s situation in a dramatic fashion or it could have been an honest misunderstanding. We are animal rights activists. Our entire existence is based off of fact, thorough research, and a desire to see animals being given a voice. Our word is sorely discredited when we make snap judgements based off of a single article that gets wildly out of hand. I have nothing but respect for the people who created the article, I do not mean to make it sound otherwise. Just make sure to do your research. This is what we are about.